Muscular Endurance (Partial Curl-Ups)

Why is it important?

Partial curl ups give an indication of your core strength; your core is the area around your tummy and back. There are a lot of muscles in this area and they are used almost constantly every day: they keep you upright, they help you bend over, they help you twist, and they help you bend backwards. Try out some of the activities listed on this site to improve your muscular endurance so the next time you try the Sport Fit Partial Curl Ups station you’ll be able to do more than you did the first time!

How can I improve?

Doing Hula Hoop

To keep a hula hoop rotating around your mid region, you have to use your core muscles. These are the same muscles that you use to do sit-ups



A somersault requires you to keep your body in a tucked position; to stay in a tucked position you have to contract and hold your core muscles to bend your torso forwards.

Boogie Boarding

Boogie boarding, which takes place on an unstable surface (water), helps improve your muscular endurance as your core muscles have to work to keep you balanced and upright.


When you swing you have to bend back and forth and pump your legs to get started. Your core muscles do most of the work to move your body back and forth.


Tobogganing is good for your core in a couple of ways. To stay on your sled while it’s moving down hill, you have to contract your core so that you don’t fall off. Also, if you go over a bump, your core will tense up a bit more to protect you from the impact of hitting the ground when you land.


Your core muscles are very active when you skateboard because your body has to work to balance and hold you upright on such an unstable surface.

Sitting at your desk and holding your feet off the floor

Even if you’ve got a bunch of homework you can still work on your core strength by holding your feet off of the floor for a few seconds at a time while you’re sitting at your desk. You’ll probably feel your stomach area tensing up as you lift your legs: that feeling is your core muscles contracting. When you take your feet off the floor you change your centre of balance so your core muscles have to work to keep you from tipping over.

Plank Hold

Hold yourself in the push up position and see how long you can stay there. To keep your body from falling to the floor you have to use your core muscles, the same ones you use during the SportFit Partial Curl Ups station. If you do a plank hold a few times per week for a few minutes at a time, the next time your school does a SportFit Day you’ll probably be able to do more Partial Curl Ups than you did the first time!

Log Rolls

Lie on the floor and stretch out like a log with your arms above your head and your toes pointed. Keep this position and try to roll in a straight line. You have to use your core muscles to keep your body from flopping all over the floor.